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At Wilnecote we aspire to be an outstanding school with high expectations and high aspirations for each student.

Our ambition is to build on the school’s strengths – the achievement of students, lessons that engage and challenge learners, the opportunities available to young people, the inclusive ethos, the relationships, the partnership with our learning community, the positive outlook – in order to continue to move forward and improve

Mission Statement

Working together to raise aspirations and achievement through: -

  • Learning that engages and challenges students, actively involves them in their own learning and equips them for their lives as global citizens.
2 Mission Statement
  • A learning environment in which each student feels safe, happy, well cared for and valued as an individual.
  • Opportunities for students to develop their talents and abilities, to broaden their horizons and to acquire the skills of leadership, co-operation and personal responsibility.
A learning environment 3

At Wilnecote we aspire to be an outstanding school with high expectations and high aspirations for each student. As a school we are proud of the many successes of our students – in examinations, in the Arts, in Sport, as leaders and peer mentors.

We are committed to improving the opportunity for all students to flourish as global citizens in the 21st Century and to develop the skills of leadership, cooperation and personal responsibility.

We recognize that such successes can only be achieved in an environment based on respect and positive relationships and in which young people feel safe, well cared for and supported. It is for this reason that “The Wilnecote Way” is so important to our ethos.

In 2012 we became a founding member of the Tame Valley Co-Operative Learning Trust and a Co-Operative Academy. These ventures put our learning community (parents, students and the local community) at the heart of everything we


do and will help us to improve the learning of young people collaboratively.

I have been enormously proud to lead Wilnecote since 2006 and to work with the young people and families of our community. I hope this prospectus gives you a flavor of our school. However if you wish to come and have a look round please contact us at any time.

Stuart Tonks


We believe that what underpins a successful school is the relationships in that school – the relationships between staff and students, staff and parents.

At Wilnecote our ethos embodies this idea and is based on mutual respect, positive relationships and a positive learning environment. This ethos is summed up in the ‘Wilnecote Way’.

6 Our Ethos

The Wilnecote Way

The ‘Wilnecote Way – A Community Based On Respect’ is our code of conduct. It was devised and agreed by the whole school community and identifies what all members of our learning community can expect from each other.

It outlines some of the ways in which we show respect to learning, to ourselves, to each other and to the school and its community.


Children are best motivated and happiest when they are provided with learning and extra-curricular opportunities that are fun and challenging.

We encourage students to maximize their talents and potential through the celebration of success and a reward system based on the Wilnecote Way.

The Wilnecote Way 7

Achievement is central to our Mission Statement. All students are encouraged and supported to do their best and to realize their potential in everything they do.

Our students aim high and achieve well. In recent years the number of students achieving high numbers of A* - A grades in their GCSE examinations has been well above national averages. These students almost always gain places at the best performing Sixth Forms in the area. However at Wilnecote we view achievement in a much

8 Achievement

broader sense. We see it as supporting each student to discover and develop their individual skills and talents and to become self-confident citizens.

We are proud of the many successes of our students including: -

Success in Performing Arts. Our annual school musical is always of the highest standard and our 2 week Arts Festival in the summer showcases a huge range and quality of performance.

Success in Sport. Each year about 70 students are coached to become Sports Leaders and our sporting teams regularly win district and county championships.

Successes 9

Central to our success as a school is good teaching, interesting lessons and an exciting curriculum. We aim to teach good lessons consistently that encourage achievement, challenge and engage students, actively involve students in their own learning and are fun.

Each subject organizes its teaching so as to extend the most able whilst also providing support for those with learning difficulties. Opportunities for our most talented students are organized by our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator whilst students with specific learning needs are supported by our Learning Support Team.

We aim to provide a high quality, broad, balanced and flexible curriculum that meets the needs of all students. At Key Stage 3, for example, all students study Computing as well as ICT and choose to study either French or German in depth. We also have an excellent and diverse Key Stage 4 curriculum with a wide range of subjects to meet the aspirations, interests and talents of all students. There is an open options process in which each student is able to select from the full range of courses.

10 Central to our success

In order to succeed, to realize their potential and to take part fully in the life of the school young people need to feel safe, happy, well cared for and supported.

Special Educational Needs

The school supports individual needs in lessons whenever possible. We have a highly skilled group of staff who support students with additional needs and who work very closely with parents to plan any additional provision.

ASD Resource

The school is home to an ASD Resource that provides the school with highly skilled staff and significant expertise in working with young people on the autistic spectrum.

House System

The House system is the basis of our student support. The House is co-ordinated by a House Tutor who is the key link between home and school. Increasingly the House system is also the basis for our rewards and for student leadership.


opportunities through the appointment of House Captains and other positions of responsibility.


We have excellent relationships with local primary schools and we work very closely together to ensure a smooth transition form primary to secondary. The feedback we receive on this process is very positive and Year 7 students usually settle into their learning very quickly.

Caring 12

We see our role in terms of securing high academic achievement and also in terms of supporting students to be successful in a much broader sense.

This is achieved by providing opportunities for students to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities…

The Arts All students are encouraged to participate in art, drama, dance and music and we have an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and the range of events. The annual school production is always a high quality performance involving a


large number of students and the summer Arts Festival showcases a wide variety of talent.

International Links We have a longstanding link of over 30 years with our twin school in Bad Laasphe, Germany.

There is an annual exchange visit open to all in which students spend a week with a German family and then host their German partner for a week later in the year.

Sport We have a wide range of sports teams – in Football, Rugby, Netball, Swimming, Athletics and Badminton to name but a few. Many of these teams have been successful at district and county level.

The school also has an annual Sports Day hosted at Tamworth Athletics Club and many of our older students also gain a Sports Leaders Award.